Qualitative Behavior of the Youth

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Adapt To Multiple Environment

The role of the Global Bizz Group team is to build a high-performing, agile organisation with the capability to respond rapidly to constant changes with speed, grace and determination. We do this by building a purpose-driven culture based on strong organisational values
About Us

About Us

Established in 2016, GBG International College popularly known as GBG has rapidly grown into one of the few leading vocational and tertiary training providers in Sri Lanka with comparatively a large number of students in the private sector higher education with strong UK collaboration.

We deliver courses in a variety of fields from foundation to degree levels with quality assured. we maintain the highest quality and standards in all our deliverables. We have pioneered higher education streams by launching innovative study programs – IT, Business Management, International Hospitality Management etc.

Mission >>>

Energy the ability to characterize the qualitative behavior of the youth to develop a formal, non – formal education and training, experience, learning teaching seminars and other social services to the community in working towards social  upheaval mince working

Vision >>>

Education, skills, potential youth community supply for society